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Latest Reviews

On going reviews for dog training and training books

Bark Alert Human Remains Detection Continued Education is out as Of September 2021. 

Rehab Dog class

19 March 2020

From Capone's owners- "we are truly enjoying the class!!"

Charlie's owner says 'Thank you so much you were very helpful today​​.'


18 March 2020

While I never have had a issue with isolation as most days are spent with my dogs, so I never am truly isolated. I do feel for those that are feeling the effects of the shutdowns and how it affects their daily lives. I have just a few words for you. You are strong, you are resilent and will get through this and be even stronger. Hug your dog not people. :)

Bark Alert Search Dog Development with Search Strategy Training -Released 2020

My new book Bark Alert Search dog development with search strategy training is published. This book is sold online through your favorite sites such as Amazon, Indigo/Chapters and Barnes & Noble. Released Summer 2020.



July 2020 Amazon Review: Excellent...clearly concisely written

November 2020

This book is very well organized, explaining all the necessary components needed to train the bark alert for the K9 search team. It’s broken down into an easily managed plan with key points to keep in mind. This book would serve as a solid reference guide for new handlers as well as a problem solving guide for those already training. I wouldn’t hesitate to hand this out to my new handlers! A great book for the K9 training library!

Jan Harkner-Abbs

Search & Response North East, Indiana, US


Bark Alert Basic Human Remains Detection Dog Training 

April 20, 2018
Jan Harkner-Abbs
Search & Response North East, Indiana, US

Got your book this morning and read it cover to cover. Its a great book and one I'd recommend to beginners. I've used various methods from what what is described in your book to various types of searching and alerts through clicker and marker training. I would like to order 6 more of the books to hand out to my beginner trainers. Having  a guide for new trainers to know where they are heading to next is critical from a teachers standpoint so this will be a help to me. You put it together very well. Easy to follow and understand.