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Bark Alert 
Basic Human Remains Detection Dog Training Workbook

This workbook is the building blocks for human remains detection dog training. It gives step by step instruction from how to imprint odor to training the alert.

Not sold in stores or online

Purchase this coil bound paperback  by emailing [email protected]

Bark Alert 

Search Dog Development with

 Search Strategy


This book will give you information on scent, search strategy and steps for training the bark alert live find dog. 

All in a easy to follow format.

Bark Alert 
Human Remains Detection Dog

Continued Education

Once you have trained the foundation for a bark alert human remains detection dog you will want this book. This book will help you maintain your dog's proficiency in the field. with many different proofing exercises. Great for trainers as well.

Coming 2023

BARK ALERT Human Remains Detection - Development Training 

For the 10 week old puppies up to the young adult.